PhotoShelter Customization And Discount Coupon


Use discount code DA6BR5BT44 when you sign up to PhotoShelter or upgrade your free account and take up to $50 off the cost of your subscription. No strings attached. You still get the 14-day trial period.

phsh-cm-gd-bigPhotoShelter* is an outstanding online photo archive management tool that I consider a must-have for any professional or advanced amateur photographer.

I use PhotoShelter for my own photography business and quite honestly I can’t imagine managing without it. It is a very powerful platform and, as everyone should, I have tailored it to my specific needs:

  • Seamlessly customized to match my portfolio pages and linked as a searchable library
  • Used mainly for delivery to clients and showcasing stories to potential clients
  • Used as a backup online archive that I can easily access from anywhere at any time

But you can do a lot more than that with it. For example:

  • Build a complete portfolio site, literally in minutes
  • Use e-commerce to license images and/or sell prints
  • Setup custom pages with pretty much anything you want in them
  • Host a complete stock library business

phsh-db-gd-big3It isn’t perfect. It doesn’t manage blogs or support videos, the manual customization tools could be more effective and the template designs are – for now – a little weak.

Despite that PhotoShelter account is a no-brainer if you have or want to have clients.

PhotoShelter Discount Coupon

The Standard account – the plan that fits the needs of 99% of photographers – costs only $329 a year. It will pay for itself in months if not weeks.

When you first sign up make sure you enter referral code DA6BR5BT44 to take up to $50 off the cost of your subscription. Absolutely no strings attached. And there is no other PhotoShelter code available that generates a bigger discount.

PhotoShelter Discount Savings
The amount you will save will depend on the plan you choose and the duration of your commitment.
Basic Standard Pro
Saved on the monthly plan $5 $15 $25
Saved on the annual plan $10 $30 $50

14-day trial periods

Register for PhotoShelter using this code and you will begin with a free 14-day trial, and receive the discount based on account type at the time of first billing. If you chooses not to sign up for PhotoShelter at that time, but then revisit the PhotoShelter Plans & Pricing page within 30 days, the discount code will automatically be recognized and appended to the signup page (meaning you don’t have to manually enter it and you still get the credit).

PhotoShelter upgrades

If you already have free PhotoShelter accounts (either Starter or buyer accounts), you may also use the discount code to upgrade to a paid account. In this cases, you, as an existing account holder, must log in to your account and enter your code into the Promo/Referral Code box available on the upgrade page – then the discount will be applied.

PhotoShelter Customization

If you use an existing template you will probably want to at the very least tweak a few things here and there to add a personal touch, fix something that you would like to see function differently or get those gallery thumbnails lined up just right.

It requires some basic knowledge of css and html coding as well as an understanding of the way the PhotoShelter works but it isn’t rocket science. If you have the time, design skills and a taste for coding, go for it.


More ambitious users will want to customize their PhotoShelter pages in greater depth which requires switching to the Manual Customization mode. That opens up the design options completely. It allows you to either build an entirely unique looking website or to seamlessly match your PhotoShelter pages to the look and feel of your separate portfolio website.

If not or if you get stuck, get in touch and I can get get your PhotoShelter pages to look and work just right.

Full disclosure

I set up PhotoShelter accounts for clients, I'm a certified PhotoShelter consultant and I have a friendly relationship with the people that work there.

* affiliate link

If you use my link to sign up for PhotoShelter I get a referral credit added to my own account. Obviously that is an incentive for me to up sell PhotoShelter. However I make particular efforts to keep my reviews as objective as possible.