I’m David, a web consultant for photographers.

Let’s make the Internet work harder for you.
Paris / New York

Custom Websites

Your images are unique. Your website should be too. Built with marketing directors, art buyers and photo editors in mind. Designed for you alone, fully self-editable and responsive, of course.

Strategy & Answers

Confused by options? Uncertain about how to combine tools and platforms into a flexible and effective web presence? I’ll explain it all and recommend the route best suited to your goals.

PhotoShelter Customization

Add web delivery, image licensing, print sales and online archiving with PhotoShelter pages that match your portfolio site. A must-have for professional photographers if you ask me.

SEO For Photographers

Identify a Search Engine Optimization strategy that’s right for you, understand what affects your website’s ranking and learn how to keep attracting that Google love over time.

Where are you based?

New York City and Paris.

What do you mean by web consultant?

It means that, after listening to your goals and preferences, I will provide you with recommendations and explanations throughout the process. My role is to build you the most effective online marketing tool possible and show you how to grow it yourself.

What do you know about being a professional photographer?

I have been a working press photographer for over 10 years. My clients include The New York Times, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and Saveur magazine. My images are distributed by Corbis.

Why do your clients love working with you?

Because I see their projects as mine. I’m totally frank with them and personally invested in the project’s outcome. By all means speak to any one of them before hiring me.

What about support?

If you get stuck, have any question or need something tweaked, I’ll help. No charge. I’ve got your back.

Will I be able to edit my website myself?

Absolutely - via user-friendly admin pages that let you edit texts, menus, slideshows and more.

Will my site be visible on iPhones?

Not only visible but responsive, i.e. optimized for all screen sizes from smartphones to jumbo desktop screens.

Are these Flash websites?


So, what about SEO?

My websites are search engine optimized in accordance with best practice methods. Google "photojournalist New York" if you don't believe me.

Can I have auto-playing music on my site?

No! But you should have big images, simple navigation and a clutter-free design.

Any good with PhotoShelter?

I am a Certified PhotoShelter Consultant.

Can you get me a PhotoShelter discount?

Sure. Try discount code KA4MA2E33V. More information here.

How much will it cost?

Each project is so different. What I can tell you is that I charge by the project that way you don’t keep paying for every little addition. The project is over when you are happy with it. Post-delivery support, tweaks and advice come free.

Can you help me out right now?

Quite possibly. I give 2-hour phone consultations ($250). Ask me anything, including to make a quick fix to your site.